Policy Information

Graduate students at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine should be familiar with the following policies:

Graduate Student Policies

  • Academic Integrity Policy
  • Emergency Alert System
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy
  • Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Graduate Student Honor Code
  • Graduate Student Vacation and Leave
  • Grievance Procedure for Faculty, Fellows and the Student Body
  • Interaction with Industry
  • Procedures for the Award of the Doctor of Philosophy Degree
  • Procedures for Dealing with Issues of Professional Misconduct
  • Procedures Relating to Student Discipline
  • Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of Ph.D. Students at Johns Hopkins University
  • Teacher/Learner Conduct Policy (Student Mistreatment Policy)
  • Veterans Educational Benefits

Learn more about additional research policies applicable to faculty, students and staff.

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