Janelia Research Campus

Janelia Research Campus

HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus – located in Ashburn, Virginia — was founded by HHMI leaders with the intention of creating a collaborative and interdisciplinary scientific environment. Janelia research labs are small, with group leaders actively engaging in bench science. At Janelia, tool users partner with tool builders to develop technological innovations that break barriers to advancing biomedical science. Janelia’s structure — including internal funding and excellent support facilities — allows scientists to focus their time and creativity on tackling fundamental research problems.

Janelia Research Overview

Janelia Research Areas ask fundamental questions about the brain and body, and turn over with a cadence of 15 years. Janelia currently has two research areas in operation: Mechanistic Congitive Neuroscience and 4D Cellular Physiology. Janelia also has two Core Research Areas, which are ongoing areas of focus and represent Janelia’s research approaches; instead of turning over with a regular cadence, they adapt to new opportunities and needs in the research community. The Core Research areas are Molecular Tools and Imaging and Computation and Theory.

Janelia Research Facilities and Shared Resources

The Janelia campus was designed to inspire a vibrant scientific community, giving researchers access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Janelia aims to remove obstacles to scientific progress. Janelia support teams partner with labs to provide made-to-order tools, software, and instruments. Shared resources include the vivarium, advanced imaging center, instrument design and fabrication shop, cell and tissue culture, and electron microscopy. Graduate research is greatly enhanced by shared resources, as students can work directly with tool builders to advance and extend their research projects through the creation of new microscopes, biosensors, computational tools, and more. 

Campus Life

Students who complete their thesis projects in Janelia labs can participate fully in life at Janelia, with access to social spaces and amenities such as: dining, childcare, fitness centers, and sports fields. Students can opt to live on campus in Janelia’s furnished apartments. 

For more information about opportunities for graduation students at Janelia, please contact Erik Snapp, Director of Student and Postdoctoral Programs (email: snappe@janelia.hhmi.org).