The program has no fixed curriculum. Based on each student’s background, coursework, experience and research interests, an individualized program of study will be tailored to each student, maximizing the impact of coursework on the student’s chosen thesis area. The student, in consultation with a faculty mentor group, will identify courses offered across the university which will support, complement and enrich their research.


XDBio students will carry out rotations in labs at JHU.  In consultation with the program, students will identify an anchor mentor within the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences prior to matriculating, and rotate in this lab for their first rotation. There is no required number of rotations, and students will work with the program, anchor mentor and faculty mentor group to identify their thesis lab.


A core aim of the XDBio program is to facilitate interdisciplinary training as part of each student’s thesis work. Co-mentors will be chosen by the student in consultation with the anchor mentor and the faculty mentor group.