Hongrui Liu


Tsinghua Univiersity, BS, Biology

Current Research
Hongrui’s research focuses on the biochemistry and virology centered around a polymer called poly(ADP-ribose). This molecule has a dual role – it acts as both a nucleic acid and a protein modification.
Taking inspiration from nucleic acid-like polymers, Hongrui is investigating how they induce proteins to form condensates. Specifically, Hongrui is delving into the intricate rules that govern how poly(ADP-ribose) triggers the condensation of a neurodegenerative disorder related protein named FUS.
Shifting gears to its role as a protein modification, ADP-ribose’s impact on defending host cells against viral infections becomes evident. Viruses like CHIKV encode an enzyme to remove ADP-ribose. When this process malfunctions, the viruses struggle to replicate. Hongrui is employing proteomics techniques to understand the translation factors that ADP-ribose influences during CHIKV infections. 

PI Information
Anthony Leung
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at JHSPH