Jordan Wilson


University of California, Davis, BS, 2018
Genetics & Genomics

Current Research
I’m co-advised by both Dr. Jennifer Elisseeff and Dr. Hongkai Ji. In the Elisseeff lab (, we probe stromal and immunological events during wound healing, biomaterial implantation, and immunotherapy administration. A primary focus of the lab is to consider regeneration in the context of the foreign body response, senescence, cancer, and age. In the Ji lab (, we use biostatistics to develop computational tools for genomic data analysis, with an emphasis on single cell RNAseq. Currently, the aim of my work is to integrate multiple genomic modalities, in order to identify conserved cellular and molecular features between different cancer types and tissue repair processes. These conserved features will serve as biomarkers and be subject to further analysis, such as functional perturbation to determine their in vivo roles in cancer progression or tissue regeneration.